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What Are The Mistakes In Choosing A Magnetic Separator?

Nov. 24, 2018

When selecting a Flour Magnetic Separator, users will always choose the equipment they think is good according to their own subjective factors, regardless of the actual working conditions and equipment factors. As a result, the selected equipment does not achieve the expected results. Below, the experts introduce you to several misunderstandings when choosing a magnetic separator. Flour Milling Machinery Supplier hope that future purchases can be avoided:

First, the pursuit of high magnetic field magnetic separator. Some users do not distinguish between the magnetic materials in the material when selecting the magnetic separator. The higher the magnetic field, the better. It is believed that the user should decide which magnetic separation device to use based on the magnetic properties of the magnetic separation material. The higher the magnetic field, the higher the magnetic separation efficiency and the working output.

Second, use a single device for magnetic separation of a variety of materials. In general, a magnetic separator is set to concentrate magnetically selected materials. The common feature of these materials is that they contain some magnetic elements. This magnetic separator can magnetically select such elements, and it is difficult to put other magnetic materials. The selected elements are selected.

Third, blind investment. Users do not blindly pursue high-profile magnetic separator equipment according to the economic situation of their own enterprises, resulting in too much disparity in investment and output, and failing to achieve the expected economic effects.

Fourth, from a certain point of equipment magnetic separation, iron removal equipment. To deal with the magnetic pollution problem of a system, the magnetic separation must be in accordance with the regulations.

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