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Main Factors Affecting The Normal Operation Of Stone Remover

Oct. 12, 2018

When the Air Recycling Destoner is working normally, the ascending velocity of the penetration layer is equal to the suspended velocity of the wheat. If the airflow velocity is too high, the material on the trend screen surface is easy to be blown through, and the airflow distribution is not uniform, thus destroying the automatic classification of materials and reducing the separation efficiency. If the air velocity is too small, the wheat will not be able to float and easily climb up with the stone, causing the wheat to contain wheat. At the same time, the automatic classification of materials is poor, and wheat seeds are also easy to contain stones, which also reduces the separation efficiency.

1. inclination angle: the angle between the stone screen and the horizontal plane is inclined. The inclination angle has an effect on the output and efficiency of the stone remover, and the influence on them is contradictory. When the dip angle is large, the wheat flow is strong. However, the trend efficiency will be reduced, and when the inclination is small, the flow rate of wheat is low and the yield is small. At the same time, it is easy to bring wheat in the stone to increase the grain content in the bottom. The inclination of the stone removal machine is usually 5-9.

2. Casting angle: Casting angle refers to the angle between the vibrating direction of the Vibro Round Sieve and the screen surface. The vibrating form of the stone remover is reciprocating linear vibration. The vibrating direction is inclined and perpendicular to the axis of the vibrating motor. The vibrating direction of the stone remover is different from that of the vibrating screen and can not be changed at will. This is the foundation that the side-by-side stone close to the screen surface can move along the screen surface. This condition. Therefore, choosing the appropriate throw angle is conducive to automatic classification of materials and uplink of shoulder stones. However, when the throwing angle is too large, the material is easy to jump off the screen surface, which is not conducive to the ascending of shoulder-to-shoulder stones. The throwing angle of stone remover is generally 30-35.3. Amplitude and Vibration Frequency: Amplitude refers to the amplitude of vibration of the screen, and the vibration frequency makes it a working parameter indicating the speed of vibration of the screen. When the amplitude is bigger and the frequency is higher, the moving speed of the material on the screen surface is faster, and the function of automatic classification is stronger. It is conducive to the improvement of separation efficiency and equipment output. But the amplitude is too large, the frequency is too high, the working face vibration is violent, the material is easy to jump, destroy the automatic classification of materials. Therefore, the separation efficiency is reduced.

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