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Function Of Grain Cleaning Equipment

Nov. 14, 2018

Grains are always mixed with various impurities during harvesting, transportation and storage, such as clods, pebbles, sand and grass. Before grain processing, we need to clean the grain through grain cleaning equipment, otherwise it will affect the quality of the final product and damage the human body. Health, and even affect the performance of subsequent processing equipment.

The grain Air Recycling Destoner is used to remove sand and pebbles. The common cleaning methods are screening and gravity. The screening method removes sand and pebbles according to the shape and size of the sand and pebbles. Gravity dust removers use different gravity between sand and grain to remove impurities under continuous vibration or external forces such as wind, hydraulic and centrifugal forces. The gravity dust remover consists of a sieving part, a grading part, a stone removing part and a wind selecting part, and has the dual function of grading and removing stone. It is a newly designed high-efficiency corn cleaning device that is ideal for fine and deep processing of grain and corn.

The weeding machine adopts the method of air selection and floating to remove weeds and stems and leaves. The Magnetic Separator  uses magnetic separation to remove ferromagnetic materials such as iron sheets, nails and screws. Magnetic separators can be divided into electromagnetic and permanent magnets.

Magnetic Separator

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