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Four Major Issues To Be Aware Of When Using Destoner

Dec. 14, 2018

First of all, we understand that the function of the Air Recycling Destoner is to achieve the classification of wheat and sandstone by the effect of wind and the different density and suspension speed of wheat and sand.

What problems should I pay attention to when using the stone machine? Flour Milling Machinery Supplier is now explaining to everyone;

1. We know that the wind speed and wind pressure in the stone machine directly affect the stone removal effect, so a separate wind network must be provided to ensure stable and sufficient air volume and wind pressure.

2. The stone removing machine has soft connection on the inlet and outlet ports and the air passage. Once damaged, the air volume and wind pressure instability in the machine will affect the stone removal effect.

3, pay attention to the size of the screen surface dip angle, the small stone is easy to climb the slope, while more heavy wheat also climbs to the row of stone mouth, the screen body angle is too large, the stone is difficult to climb the slope, the stone section is elongated, there are parts The stone will flow with the wheat stream to the wheat export;

4, the sieve surface is used for a long time, the braided corrugated stone is easy to slide on the screen surface, it is difficult to take off, can not climb, discharge, easy to flow to the wheat export, affecting the stone removal effect. At this time, the stone screen surface must be replaced.

Air Recycling Destoner

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