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How Is The Stone Removal Process Carried Out In The Flour Processing Process?

Dec. 21, 2018

How does the stone removal and classification process in the flour processing equipment process? The Flour Milling Machinery Supplier uses a stone remover, a gravity classifier and a wheat washing machine to remove the side stones in the wheat.

The mixed stones in the wheat enter the wheat machine, which is easy to wear the working components, and sparks may occur, which affects the safe production of the flour processing equipment; entering the selection machine will accelerate the wear of the surface of the bag hole and affect the service life. To this end, in the cleaning process, the stone removal machine should be set after screening, before the wheat and the selection machine. The stone removal machine is located in the position where the impurities in the wheat have been mostly removed to improve the de-stone removal efficiency and reduce the wear of the stone-removing sieve.

The use of Air Recycling Destoner to classify the wheat, so that impurities are concentrated in some of the wheat grains, and then separately processed, can be beneficial to the efficiency of cleaning equipment and reduce the number of cleaning equipment.

In addition to separating stones, the Gravity Grading Stone Machine can divide wheat into two categories: light and heavy. Lightweight parts account for 5%-30% of wheat, which contains a lot of impurities, can enter the barley selection machine and process the tweezers. The heavy part accounts for 70%-95% and does not need to be selected.

For this reason, in the flour processing equipment cleaning process, the gravity grading stone remover can be used after the screening machine, before the selection machine or the wheat machine.

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