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How To Deal With Wheat Bran?

Dec. 28, 2018

Wheat by-products are wheat germ and wheat bran. So far, in addition to wheat germ for food, bran is basically used as feed. Today, Flour Milling Machinery Supplier will explain to you the composition and classification of bran, as well as its use.

First, the composition

1 flour processing equipment skin grinding system and heart grinding system materials, including different granules of bran, wheat germ and a small amount of endosperm;

2 materials removed by the powder cleaner and sedimentation materials of the dust collector of the powder cleaner;

International regulations on fertilizers and feeds: Products separated from wheat during the milling process contain no more than 4% of plant matter and processed lower feet from wheat during the cleaning process; For "wheat feed."

Second, classification

Bran. Some bran is processed and sold in coarse, medium and fine bran. Coarse bran is sold at a higher price due to its larger shape and volume; however, due to the development of bulk and granular feeds, it is required to use smaller bran.

The quality of the bran and wheat feed and the rate of flour extraction, the wheat variety used for wheat, and the amount of cleaned feet to be added. The above-mentioned relevant regulations stipulate the content of foreign plant matter, sand, dust and other feet; the quality of different grades of wheat feed is divided.

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