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Why Does The Bucket Of The Bucket Elevator Fall Off?

Sep. 14, 2018

Bucket Elevator hopper shedding refers to the phenomenon that the hopper falls from the hopper belt during production. When the hopper falls, an abnormal sound will be generated, and it is necessary to stop the inspection in time. Otherwise, more hoppers will be deformed and fall off; the hopper belt will be torn at the position where the hopper is connected. The main reasons for the Safe Bucket Elevator to fall off the hopper are:

1. Excessive feeding of too much material causes accumulation of materials in the machine base, the resistance of the lifting is increased, and the operation of the hopper is not smooth, which is the direct cause of the falling off and deformation of the hopper. At this point, stop immediately, pull out the board under the base, discharge the accumulation in the base, replace the new hopper, and then drive production. At this time, the amount of feed is reduced and uniformity is sought.

2. The position of the inlet is too low. When the hoist is in production, the hopper itself takes the material coming in from the inlet. If the position of the feed port is too low, the hopper will not be able to take the material, and most of the material will enter the machine base, causing the hopper to pick up the material. When the material is in the form of a block, it is easy to cause the hopper to deform and fall off. At this time, the feed port position should be adjusted above the center line of the bottom wheel.

3. The material of the hopper is not good. The hopper with limited strength is the bearing part of the hoist. It has high requirements on its material. When installing, it should be matched with the material with good strength. Generally, the hopper is welded or stamped with ordinary steel sheets or galvanized sheets, and the edges thereof are folded or rolled into the lead wires to enhance the strength of the hopper.

4. When the machine is turned on, the accumulated contents in the machine base are not removed. In the production, the phenomenon of sudden power failure or other reasons is often encountered. If the machine does not clear the accumulated contents in the machine base, it will easily cause the hopper to be impacted. Too big to break off. Therefore, between the shutdown and the start-up, the accumulation in the base must be removed to prevent the hopper from falling off. In addition, regularly check whether the connection between the hopper and the hopper belt is firm. If the screw is loose, falling off, and the hopper is skewed or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent a larger accident.

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