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How To Make The Bucket Elevator Play An Advantage?

Nov. 06, 2018

During the use of the Bucket Elevator, the hoist may not be able to perform its work performance for some reasons, which requires the consumer to pay attention to several aspects during the use process in order to improve the normal operation of the machine.

1. The on-site lighting of the Safe Bucket Elevator must ensure the construction needs. It is forbidden to use mobile lighting fixtures and sun lamps. In the dangerous places, safety warning red lights should be set at night. Handheld must be a safe voltage source. Strengthen the installation and inspection of safety facilities before installation, weld safety piles, pull safety ropes, and pull safety nets in necessary parts.

2. It is necessary to strengthen the education on the correct use of helmets by construction workers, carry out the necessary rewards and punishments, and make eye-catching signs and strict protective measures for the entrance of the hole. For trial operation, the empty elevator shall be commissioned after the installation of the bucket elevator.

3. The bucket elevator is used in most cases in the open air. Since the bucket elevator is equipped with electrical or transmission equipment such as motors and reducers, special attention should be paid to the protection of these components to prolong the service life of the equipment. Reduce equipment maintenance. For the bucket elevator to be used in the open air environment, it can be equipped with a square cover, about 1 meter away from the head of the hoist, which can completely cover the head of the hoist, and the focus is on the motor and reducer. Because the motor of the head of the vertical bucket elevator is the power source of the whole equipment, if the top cover is not installed, under the influence of bad weather such as rainy weather or snow, there may be water inside the motor, resulting in a short circuit. .

4, need to pay attention to the problem of the motor cable. The wires connected to the motor are on the outside. After long-term wind and sun exposure, the insulation of the connecting wires will be deteriorated. In the case of long-term use, the wires connected to the motor cannot withstand the high load voltage and the short-circuit connection occurs. It is extremely easy to burn the motor and even cause people to risk electric shock. Therefore, the protection measures for the motor cable must also be protected.

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