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Classification And Safety Measures Of Magnetic Separator

Aug. 10, 2018

The Magnetic Separator is divided into a flat magnetic separator and a flat iron remover. It is a kind of equipment that can generate strong magnetic field attraction. It can remove the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure the safe operation of the crusher, grinder and other mechanical equipment in the conveying system, and can effectively prevent large and long The accident of the iron piece cracking the conveyor belt can also significantly improve the raw material grade. According to the method of unloading iron, it can be divided into various working modes such as manual unloading of iron, automatic unloading of iron and program control of unloading iron. Due to different use occasions and magnetic circuit structure, various series of products are formed.

Iron removers are widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal preparation plants, power plants, ceramics, glass, cement, building materials, chemicals, food and feed processing industries. In the emerging waste treatment industry, steel in iron recycling waste is also required. Iron removers have been used in major steel companies, as well as in metal mines, power plants, light industry, refractory materials, etc., and have played a huge role.

The iron remover is suitable for the iron removal of various industries, and can realize continuous suction and iron rejection.

Safety measures:

1. Flour Mill Manufacturer develop a system to strictly enforce the system of who loses power and who sends power.

2. Before the maintenance, the 101 belt must stop running, and the belt is strictly forbidden to be repaired during operation.

3. Remove the iron from the iron remover and clean the surrounding impurities before repairing.

4. When climbing the maintenance, the maintenance personnel must use a safety rope, a seat belt, etc.

5. Before the repair, the maintenance personnel must understand the working principle of the equipment and the performance of the parts to be inspected by the iron remover, and prepare the tools needed for the repair.

Magnetic Separator

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