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What Is The Working Principle Of Color Sorter?

Nov. 17, 2018

Color Sorter performance characteristics:

1. The color sorter uses high-resolution color CCD and first-class optical lens to effectively identify small impurities as small as 0.01 square millimeters.

2. The color sorter uses high brightness and long life LED light source, which not only ensures high-definition image, but also meets the needs of multi-color sorting, forward selection, reverse selection and re-selection. It is not only durable and stable, but also has more prominent color sorting effect.

3, make full use of professional image acquisition and processing system to get high-quality image processing program.

4. High-quality high-frequency solenoid valve can control the flow and direction of air, and has strong practicability and durability.

The main factors affecting color selection effect are:

1, camera resolution

2, software algorithm, ability to distinguish chromatic aberration.

3. Feeding system

4. Nozzle performance

Proper terms for color sorter

1. Cleaning rate: The ratio of the actual rejected heterochromatic material after color separation to the rejected heterochromatic material before color separation, the higher the cleaning rate, the better the performance of the machine.

2. Take-out ratio: the ratio of the rejection of heterochromatic particles by color selection and the rejection of qualified particles by weight of color selection, the smaller the take-out ratio, the better the performance of the machine.

3, output: the total weight of the material per hour.

4. Channel: Number of nozzles in finger color sorter to complete the action mechanism of eliminating discolored particles is equal to the number of solenoid valves.

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Color Sorter

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