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Four Major Considerations For Designing A Screw Conveyor

Aug. 10, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the Flour Mill Manufacturer will design the Screw Conveyor according to the following four use factors:

(1) Ability to transport materials: The ability to transport materials can be expressed in t/h to indicate the normal and peak delivery.

(2) Material transport distance: The total length of the conveyor is required to indicate the distance between the inlet and outlet of the conveyor. If the conveyor is inclined, the horizontal and vertical distance and inclination should be given.

(3) Conveyor equipment:

In order to select a screw conveyor that meets the operational and installation requirements, the user is required to provide the following information:

Feeding method, number and location of feeding points;

The position of the discharge point;

Conveyor use: conveying, lifting, mixing, etc.;

The total length of the conveyor segment (to the total length of the conveyor segment standard length and the special length of the segment provided by the manufacturer);

The diameter and type of conveyor spiral blades (solid spiral, ribbon spiral, special pitch, etc.);

Certain parts of the conveyor require special materials;

Require special suspension bearing frames, bearings, coupling shafts, etc.;

The type of drive motor or requires a special drive arrangement.

(4) Operating conditions: the screw conveyor is installed indoors or outdoors; the range of ambient temperature changes; intermittent or continuous operation; hours of operation per day.

Screw Conveyor

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