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Advantages Of Palletizing Robot

Nov. 22, 2018

Today's factories are slowly changing to intelligent and unmanned. In many enterprise workshops, robots have been widely used. The emergence of industrial robots has replaced traditional labor methods, which has improved work efficiency. It saves the labor costs of the enterprise, among which the more common industrial robots - Energy Saving Palletizing Robot.

The palletizing robot is generally used at the end of the production line, and the materials such as bagging, boxing, and barreling are put from the production line to the pallet according to the already set rule code, and then stored in the warehouse by the forklift. Depending on the product type and actual needs, the palletizing robot can be programmed to adapt to the palletizing requirements of various products.

The palletizing robot has a large operating range and good safety performance. In the case of a straight line, only one motor is needed, so the power consumption is not high, generally in the range of 4kw to 8kw, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The use of palletizing robots not only improves the efficiency of packaging, but also its simple operation mode and convenient post-maintenance, which also improves the efficiency of the company's work and reduces the production cost and labor cost of the enterprise. It is precisely because of these advantages that the palletizing robot is being used by more and more enterprises, creating value for the enterprise.

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Energy sSaving Palletizing Robot

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