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What Kinds Of Flour Mill Are Common At Home And Abroad?

Jul. 27, 2018

At present, the process and theory of Flour Mill at home and abroad have been quite mature. The following small series has compiled the common milling process of flour mills at home and abroad, specifically the following:

1. Pulverizing process of impact mill: On the basis of the method of powder extraction in the middle, the grinding method of the flour mill using the impact mill instead of the trailing skin mill system or the anterior heart mill system. The impact rate of the impact mill can reach more than 60%, and the output of the single machine is higher. Compared with the mill, the flour produced by the impact mill has lower starch content, but the ash content is higher. The main features are to simplify the heart-grinding system, reduce the number of mills and high-screen sieves, and reduce the total investment in the plant.

2, Okrim-type milling process: slag grinding is divided into coarse, medium and fine, paying attention to the role of the slag grinding system, thus ensuring the powder extraction rate and product quality, reducing the burden of the middle and rear road system, and reducing the dynamic consumption, Shorten the length of the heart mill system. Due to the refinement of the anterior system, the quantity and quality of the materials in the middle and the back are greatly improved. The process is more suitable for the processing of flour for baking foods. The low ash flour yield is not high, the cleaning process is relatively simple, and it is not suitable for the processing of wheat raw materials in China.

3. Peeling and milling process: Firstly, 5%~8% of wheat husk is peeled off by mechanical means, the endosperm is separated, and the endosperm is ground into powder. Compared with the traditional process, the flour mill process can shorten the skin grinding by 1~2 times, reduce the width of the rough skin grinding, and shorten the heart grinding by 2~3 times. The wheat milling equipment has simple process, easy management and high unit yield. The white color of the pink is higher, the cleanliness of the flour is higher, the pesticide residue is less, and the nutrition of the flour is strengthened, but the flour ash is higher, the wheat husk is more severely broken, and the power consumption is higher.

4. Roller Mill: On the basis of the middle-pass powdering method, the traditional flour milling mechanism powder process is changed. The use of roller mill can effectively save the number of flat screens, reduce the plant area and equipment investment, and reduce the dynamic consumption, but the single machine output of the mill is slightly lower and the flour quality is poor.

Roller Mill

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