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How To Improve The Productivity Of The Grinding Machine?

Nov. 01, 2018

Foreign flour processing equipment is compared with China: First, there are many Flour Mill Machinery. Their auxiliary machinery, in addition to the powder cleaning machine accident, there are centrifugal round sieve, loose powder machine, impact machine, Bran Scourer, etc. These auxiliary machinery contribute to the work of the grinding machine and the sieving machine, The increase of the length flow has played a great role in assisting; the second is that the powder path is long and the number of grinding channels is large. The skin grinding system does not separate the wheat from the ground, but separates the wheat husk and the wheat core. According to the large, medium and small wheat kernel particles, they are sent to each heart grinding system for grinding. Such a process route is relatively long, but the powder extraction rate is high, the flour quality is good, and the product is graded as much as possible during the grinding process, and the product particle size is uniform.

How to improve the production efficiency of the grinding machine and increase the powder? It can be seen from the above situation that the foreign flour processing equipment increases the amount of flow grinding, not by processing the power on the mill, but by tightening the rolling distance to solve the problem, but from the auxiliary machinery, improving the efficiency of the screening powder and balancing the flow of the milling machine. The efficiency of all the milling machines in the milling process is obtained, which not only greatly reduces the grinding and sifting load, but also improves the production efficiency of the grinding machine, and achieves the purpose of more powder and more powder.

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