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What Should You Do If The Flour Processing Equipment Is Rusted?

Oct. 08, 2018

How should we do the rust removal of the Flour Milling Machinery? The flour processing equipment is prone to rust in the long-term use. Therefore, in daily use, the maintenance of the flour processing equipment should be done to reduce the number of faults during operation. Below Flour Mill Manufacturer mainly look at how to do the rust removal of flour processing equipment.

First, baking soda rust removal method. This is a commonly used method in the derusting of flour processing equipment, and it is also a very effective method. When using this method to perform rust removal work, select a ceramic cylinder, pour the appropriate amount of rice water, wash the pot water, put the baking soda, stir well, put the flour processing complete mechanical parts into the tank, after a few days Then remove it and wipe it off with anti-rust oil.

Second, the ammonium sulfate derusting method. This is also a good way to remove rust. You can use a ceramic water tank to hold a certain amount of ammonium sulfate aqueous solution, and then put the rusted flour processing equipment parts into the tank. After soaking for 24 hours, the rust will be Automatically float on the water, remove the accessories and rub the rust with a rag. After drying, apply lime milk or petrolatum.

Third, the vinegar rust removal method. Generally, we will remove the rusted flour processing equipment parts and place them in the container. Soak them with vinegar until the rust falls off. Finally, take out the accessories and dry them with anti-rust oil.

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