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What Should Be Done When The Flour Mill Is Exposed To Dust During Work?

Oct. 08, 2018

How should Flour Milling Machinery be treated during dust pollution? Dust pollution is a serious problem for flour mills. Long-term inhalation is harmful to human health, but it is very easy to produce when processing flour. If it is too serious There may even be a dust explosion that is extremely harmful.

In the flour mill, it is necessary to install a dust suction device such as Centrifugal Blower. The dust suction device can well solve the hazard caused by excessive dust, which greatly guarantees safety; in addition, there are many ways to deal with dust. For example, reasonable sealing and good moisturizing, the wheat can increase the moisture contained in the original grain, prevent the dust from being too dry during the flour processing, and the sealing of the good processing equipment will certainly be good. The good sealing device can also Prevent dust from spreading and reduce danger.

The wheat flour and sealing device in the flour mill can only prevent dust pollution. The best way to deal with it is to install a dust suction device to reduce the damage of dust to the human body. It can also ensure our safety and improve work efficiency. No matter when the flour mill is to ban the use of open flames, safety is the first.

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