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Flour Mechanical Vibration Circular Sieve Structure And Function

Nov. 01, 2018

The Flour Milling Machinery vibrating round sieve is mainly used to treat the viscous suction powder and the bran powder, which are divided into vertical and horizontal types. The main component of the vertical vibrating circular screen is a sieve body suspended from the machine. The middle part of the sieve body is a plate rotor and the outside is a circular sieve cylinder. A side of the main shaft of the rotor is provided with a weight block to cause a small amplitude of high frequency vibration. The plate rotor is uniformly distributed with four strip-shaped plates on the circumference, and the plate is inclined backward by a certain angle, and a plurality of upwardly inclined blades are mounted thereon, and the blades are arranged in a spiral shape. The material enters the sieve cylinder from the lower feed inlet, and is smashed toward the inner surface of the sieve cylinder under the action of the plate. The fine particles pass through the sieve hole and are discharged from the lower outlet, and the material in the cylinder is gradually pushed to the upper discharge port.

The screen cylinder is made of nylon mesh. In addition to the above structural forms, the flour mechanical vertical Vibro Round Sieve adopts the upper feeding and the lower discharging form; the other is that the sieve body is mounted on the shock absorber, the shock absorber is fixed on the bottom plate, and the motor drives the main shaft to rotate, The inertial force generated by the weight on the main shaft vibrates the screen.

Vibro Round Sieve

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