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How To Improve The Flour Extraction Rate Of Flour Machine Equipment?

Nov. 27, 2018

For the flour mill, the quality of the flour affects the long-term benefits of the flour mill, followed by the control and improvement of the flour yield when processing the flour, because the flour yield of the flour directly affects the investment and return rate of the entire plant.

So, do you understand the reason for controlling the increase in flour extraction rate of Flour Milling Machinery? There are Flour Mill Manufacturer below to briefly say these points:

1. The material capacity gradually becomes smaller. During the operation of the equipment, the wheat will go through multiple processes, and as the endosperm is gradually scraped, the bulk density of the material will be reduced. The smaller the capacity, the faster the mitigation will result, resulting in lower unit flow.

2. Wheat granules are not uniform. Under the same grinding system, when the particle size of the material particles is very different, some of the smaller particles are difficult to be grounded, so that the function of the device can not be well played and the yield will be reduced.

3. During operation, as the rolling distance decreases, the length of the grinding zone increases. At this time, the degree of pulverization is increased, but the unit flow rate is correspondingly lowered.

4. The grinding tooth height is gradually reduced. As the use time continues to increase, the grinding gear of the flour machine wears out gradually, and the moving speed of the material in the grinding area is reduced. And because the grinding tooth height is reduced, the material in the two grinding teeth gap is reduced, and the output of the stone grinding flour machine is gradually reduced.

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