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How To Choose The Right Automatic Sand Blasting Machine?

Dec. 24, 2018

How to choose the right automatic Sand Blasting Machine? This problem has certainly plagued many new users. Based on years of production experience and feedback from users, our company has summarized the following strategies for new users:

1. Generally speaking, the blasting effect is mainly determined by the blasting medium (abrasive), ranging from a strong metal abrasive to a soft resin abrasive. The customer can carry the workpiece sample to determine or send the workpiece to our factory to help the customer. Test spray.

2. Production efficiency Determine the type of equipment: Select the number of blasting guns for automatic automatic sand blasting machines according to the processing capacity.

3. Workpiece size determination Equipment specifications: Select the size of the nacelle according to the size of the workpiece so that there is enough space to complete the processing.

4. Compressed air requirements: Determine the capacity of the air compressor according to the equipment specifications, and leave a 20% margin to protect the service life of the air compressor.

5. After-sales service: When you choose sandblasting equipment, you should consider the expertise and experience of the seller or manufacturer. A good supplier can provide you with the most effective guidance and permanent after-sales service.

6. Product price: Only professional manufacturers can provide products with good cost performance, and adaptable products can be invested less and have greater profits.

7. When purchasing the automatic Flour Sand Blasting Machine, the manufacturer should be required to provide detailed product introduction materials, the power of the main fan, the thickness of the steel plate and so on.

Flour Sand Blasting Machine

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