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Where Is The Root Cause Of The High Temperature Of The Roller Mill?

Oct. 14, 2018

If the Frequency Control Roller Mill is used improperly, there will be temperature rise, which is very different from our production and processing. The temperature rise will make our production efficiency lower. So when this problem arises, we have to find out why the high temperature occurs.

1, the bearing of the grinding ring of the roller mill should be regularly refueling.

2, the roller mill device into the powder bearings should be timely refueling according to regulations, regular cleaning, replacement of oil seal.

3, many roller mill equipment in the quality of problems, we need to buy equipment in detail, consulting, goods than three after the decision to buy, a good product can provide better overall efficiency.

4. Adjust according to the actual situation of the roller mill, such as adjusting the ventilation of the mill chamber properly, opening the ventilation duct, so that the air flow in the Raymond mill chamber and outdoor air flow can convection, so as to avoid excessive temperature in the Raymond mill chamber.

5. The most likely cause of fan heating is high wind pressure. Sometimes we unconsciously encounter the fan equipment in production, so that the fan wind pressure changes lead to motor heating. This also reminds us that we must not change equipment in production.

6, consult professional Hammer Mill Supplier to find out why the temperature is too high.

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