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Grain Production Technology And Pollution Source

Jul. 23, 2018

The production process of grain and feed is usually made up of the departments of reception, processing, storage and transportation. Dust is generated in the process of selection, mixing and blending of raw materials, crushing, screening and grading of batch, and packaging, storage and transshipment of finished products. The raw materials are injected into the silos in bulk or in the form of packing. The feed port is a centralized source of pollution, and measures to attract dust are needed. Roller Mill can crush materials and generate mechanical heat and free moisture. Ventilation and dust collection measures are needed. The tail gas of pneumatic conveying and air separation equipment must be achieved by means of dust collector.

The grain size of food and feed processing is coarse, the porosity is large, the density is small (the bulk density is 0.2~0.3g/cm3), the adhesion is strong, and the mobility is poor. Food and feed processing dust itself is non-toxic, but long-term contact can easily cause respiratory diseases in the human body. Dust will accelerate the wear of mechanical parts and cause electrical equipment failure. When dust concentration reaches a certain level, it will cause explosion.

Design of dedusting system and selection of equipment

1) it is advisable to use short process design, use elbow less, reduce dust removal pipeline and give priority to bag type dust collector.

2) in the pneumatic powder conveying and air separation system with high dust concentration, cyclone and bag type two stage dust removal technology should be adopted.

3) choose vibration cleaning or Impulse Dust Filter and bag type dust collector designed specifically for food feeds.

4) the dust bucket of the dust collector adopts a conical or round square hammer shape, and a vibrator is installed to prevent the shed material. When used for crushing, the wall should be kept warm.

5) for large hoist, scraper, belt conveyor and other conveying equipment, the dust concentration in the machine is high (up to 5~ 15 g/m3) (standard state), it is appropriate to take the head, tail or middle part of the dust to prevent the explosion.

Impulse Dust Filter

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