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How To Eliminate The Failure Of The Grinding Machine?

Aug. 22, 2018

Hydraulic Grinding Machine can be classified into software faults and hardware faults according to the nature of the fault.

1. Software failure

Software failure means that there is no hardware damage, no need to replace or repair the hardware, just adjust the data or modify the program to eliminate the fault. Software failures have the following categories:

1) Software failure caused by machining program error. This type of fault CNC system generally has an alarm display. According to the alarm information, the machining program can be checked and modified to eliminate the fault.

2) Software failure caused by incorrect machine data and parameter settings. The current CNC system has a lot of machine data to set up. Sometimes the machine data changes due to insufficient battery power, electromagnetic interference, human error, etc., or some data needs to be adjusted after the machine is used for a period of time, but no adjustment is made. The machine will then malfunction. Such faults can be eliminated as long as the corresponding data is corrected.

3) A software failure that occurs incorrectly. This kind of fault is often caused by operational errors when the machine is just in use or when the machine is newly changed.

2. hardware malfunction 

A hardware failure is a failure that must be replaced or repaired to repair a damaged device. Now the reliability of CNC systems is getting higher and higher, so the failure rate of hardware failure is getting lower and lower. The more common hardware failure is the damage of the PLC input IV output interface. There is a problem with the PLC input interface, the system does not get feedback information; there is a problem with the PLC output interface, and the power amplifier component loses its function without receiving the command signal. There are usually two solutions:

1) Modify the PLC program. If there is a spare interface, the easier way to solve this problem is to modify the PLC program and replace the damaged interface with the alternate interface.

2) Replace spare parts. This method is simple and easy, but it costs a lot.

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