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Correct Installation Of Hydraulic Machine Solenoid Valve

Aug. 10, 2018

1. Before installing the solenoid valve to the Hydraulic Grinding And Fluting Machine, the Air Lock Supplier In China should first read the instruction manual of the solenoid valve in detail. Due to different product performance, the installation requirements are not the same. It can be installed only if it meets the requirements for use.

2. Pay attention to the installation requirements of the solenoid valve. Generally, the horizontal coil of the valve body should be vertically upward. Although some products allow for arbitrary installation, as long as conditions permit, it must be vertical to increase the life of the solenoid valve.

3, pay attention to the direction of the fluid flow of the solenoid valve, the direction of the pipeline fluid marked by the arrow on the valve, the general solenoid valve is one-way work, can not be reversed, the arrow on the valve body must be consistent with the direction of the pipeline fluid .

4. The installation position of the solenoid valve should be selected. It is necessary to continuously produce the working solenoid valve. It is best to install it in the bypass, which is convenient for future maintenance and does not affect production.

5. Ensure that the coils and contacts are secure. After the lead wires of the solenoid valve coil connectors are connected, be sure to confirm that they are firm; the contacts connected to the electrical components cannot be shaken, and the looseness will cause the solenoid valves to not work, resulting in machine failure. .

6, the solenoid valve should work in the appropriate temperature range, especially in the winter freezing site, should be heat treatment, or set insulation measures.

7. The cleaning of the solenoid valve should be done regularly. If it is stopped for a long time, the condensate should be drained and reused. When disassembling and cleaning, it must be placed in order, and then restored.

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