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What Is The Effect Of The High Working Temperature Of The Flour Machine?

Sep. 19, 2018

When the Flour Mill is working, the temperature is generally stable. Because a sufficiently stable temperature will guarantee the quality of the flour machined wheat. There are many types of flour machines, and different types of flour machines have different working temperatures. To find out the proper working temperature for them, we can find them from the instructions.

If the temperature of the flour machine is too high, it will cause many bad effects. So, what are these effects?

1. The taste is not good. Excessive temperature will affect the taste of the flour machined wheat. If the temperature is too high, the mouth will feel the loss;

2, too high temperature will lead to the loss of nutrients, generally flour machine processing wheat at the right temperature, will retain the nutrients in wheat, but too high temperature will lead to the phenomenon of nutrient loss;

3. The machine is damaged. If the flour machine is operated under high temperature or high load for a long time, it will affect the machine.

When using the Flour Milling Machinery, we should avoid the long-term high-load work of the flour machine, otherwise it will lead to excessive temperature.

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