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What Parts Should Be Maintained In The Flour Processing Equipment?

Aug. 03, 2018

The flour processing equipment can be said to be the hero of grain processing. It has made great contributions to the grain processing industry. The flour processing equipment can carry out the initial processing and deep processing of the raw grain. The flour and starch products can meet the different needs of different industries. Therefore, we must do a good job in the maintenance and repair of equipment, so that the flour processing equipment for us to play a greater role, bring greater economic benefits.

We know that for processing machinery, there are certain maintenance procedures. Strict maintenance procedures during work can help improve the efficiency of the work, and make the life of the flour processing equipment longer. The equipment is also the same. Strictly follow the steps to maintain, not only can improve the working efficiency of the machine, but also improve the processing quality and make the work smoother.

In the past, the equipment cleaning process generally adopted a combination of a sieve and a stone removal process. Some sites have limited space and use combined equipment. The traditional cleaning equipment is difficult to clean completely in the production of side-by-side production, and the purity of the Wheat Scourer and the quality of the finished product are affected. great. Magnetic separation removes the magnetic material in the original grain and adds a vertical suction duct. When the vertical suction duct works, the material is fed through the High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve, and the light impurities are carried away by the airflow of the air duct. By adjusting the upper air plate to move the handwheel, the width of the upper air passage can be adjusted to adjust the air volume. By adjusting the lower air plate to move the hand wheel, the width of the lower air passage can be changed to change the wind speed.

Secondly, the transmission part of the flour processing equipment should be upgraded in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; the power supply is also the part that needs frequent maintenance, and it is very important to carry out proper maintenance and maintenance work on the power supply. Regular sterilization work is an important part of equipment cleaning work. Regular sterilization is very important for flour processing equipment. Only the regular sterilization of the machine can make the processing quality of the complete equipment more secure.

High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve

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