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Daily Maintenance Of Scraper Conveyor

Oct. 14, 2018

1. Scraper Conveyor is chain-driven transport of materials, in use, operation and maintenance personnel in addition to pay attention to bearing temperature, lubrication according to the requirements, but also must do the following work. Regularly tighten the tightness of the scraper chain, and make the two chains tighten. Generally check every half month, especially in the first half of the month in use should be checked every day scraper chain tightness, to Scraper Chain Conveyors and chain teeth can be normal mesh without jumping, and at any time to adjust. Adjust the scraper chain by adjusting the tension screw, if the tension screw stroke is not enough, should replace the scraper chain.

2, each class should check the fixed condition of the connecting ring and scraper one by one. If the connecting bolt loosening force and scraper fall, stop immediately.

3. When the wear of the scraper chain on both sides is inconsistent and causes the scraper to tilt, when the wear of the chain ring exceeds 25% of the original diameter, it should be replaced.

4, check the operation of head wheel and tail wheel regularly. When the worn surface of the first wheel tooth and tail wheel chain groove exceeds the original diameter of 1/4, it will be replaced.

5, if found in the use of intermediate groove casting slab loose or shedding should be replaced immediately, so as not to jam the chain.

6. For the lubrication of rolling bearings, use No. 1 or No. 2 calcium-sodium grease, such as three shifts of continuous production, every three months to replace, when used, can be appropriate to extend or shorten the cycle.

7. When the tightening screw is not used, it should be coated with grease and wrapped in paper so as not to fall into the dust.

8, tightening screw corrosion can not be rotated, should be replaced.

Scraper Conveyor

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