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How Does The Air Recycling De-stoner Work?

Jul. 18, 2018

Flour machinery is a flour processing production line formed by a variety of matching equipment. The supporting equipment play their respective roles. They are indispensable. The lack of one equipment is equivalent to the lack of one-step process, which will cause great quality of finished products. Influence! The Air Recycling De-stoner is one of them. It mainly removes the pebbles in the wheat raw grain. How does the flour mechanical circulation airflow work?Flour Mill Manufacturer tells you.

The working principle of the flour mechanical circulating airflow stone removing machine: the material enters the first sieve surface uniformly through the feeding device through the feeding device, and the material is automatically graded under the combined action of the reciprocating upward airflow. The lighter material floats on the upper layer and is in a semi-suspended state, flowing downward along the screen to the outlet.

The heavier materials and stones sink to the lower layer and fall through the first sieve surface onto the second sieve surface. On the second layer of sieve surface, the material is again automatically classified, the upper layer material is discharged along the screen surface and discharged from the outlet, and the sand and stone in contact with the screen surface are placed under the action of the sieve surface to enter the stone inspection area, and the stone is blown back. After selection, it is discharged from the stone exit.

The light impurities separated by the air separator are discharged outside the machine through the air damper. In order to ensure that the internal air in the stone machine is not raised outside the machine, the external dust removal system is required to provide auxiliary suction.

The above is the working principle of the flour mechanical circulating airflow stone removing machine. As a member of the whole set of equipment, the stone machine must pay attention to practical methods and techniques to bring the big advantage to the flour quality!

 Air Recycling De-stoner

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