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What Is The Reason For The Abnormal Noise When The Bucket Elevator Is In Operation?

Dec. 05, 2018

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Abnormal sound when the Vertical Bucket Elevator is running:

1. The bottom plate of the bucket elevator frame and the hopper are in contact with each other, and the elastic device of the machine base is adjusted to make the tape tension.

2. The drive shaft and the driven shaft key are loose, the pulley is displaced, the hopper is in contact with the casing, the pulley position is adjusted, and the key is tightened.

3. The guide plate collides with the hopper to trim the position of the guide plate.

4. The material is sandwiched between the guide plate and the hopper to enlarge the material input angle of the seat.

5. The bearing is faulty and cannot be operated flexibly. The bearing should be replaced.

6. The block or other foreign matter is stuck in the frame, and the machine stops to remove foreign matter.

7. The drive wheel strip is idling and the tape length is adjusted.

8. The casing is not installed properly, and the verticality of the entire length of the casing is adjusted.

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