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Analysis Of The Crushing Process In Corn Processing Equipment

Sep. 26, 2018

Corn processing equipment is mainly used for grading and sieving of various granular and powdery materials in small and medium-sized grain processing plants, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and feed. The utility model has the advantages of large sieving area, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.

The main function of the pulverizing system of corn processing equipment is to pulverize the raw materials, so that the raw materials can be processed more easily, and the processed products are more delicate and the quality is more excellent. Improve the efficiency of the corn processing equipment crushing system:

1. Study the optimum pulverization particle size of various corn raw materials to achieve the corn processing equipment products are conducive to digestion and absorption of livestock and poultry, the feed processing method is feasible, and the pulverization cost is economical and reasonable.

2. Development and research of the new hammer mill for corn processing equipment, optimize the structure of the hammer mill, and the hammer screen gap can be adjusted online. At the same time, some special crushers are developed. The effect of corn processing equipment and micro-grinding system on feed crushing size and power consumption. Through the improvement of the structure of the corn processing equipment pulverizer and the rational configuration of the pulverization process system, the best operation effect can be obtained.

3. Further improve the quality of the hammer and Vibro Round Sieve of corn processing equipment, reduce the consumption rate of hammer and sieve per unit of output, prolong its service life, and reduce the impact of the lossy parts on the crushing cost. Further improve the efficiency of the operation of the crushing system of the corn processing equipment, and at the same time, research on the equipment and operating parameters of the crusher.

4. Improve the processing precision and assembly precision of the corn processing equipment pulverizer, optimize the structure and reduce the noise of the Hammer Mill.

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