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Use Of Grain Cleaning Machine

Sep. 26, 2018

Grain processing machinery for mixing, sorting and grading. Various types of grain cleaning machines use different working principles to separate grain particles from impurities. The following six types are commonly used.

The woven wire mesh or punched metal plate is used as the sieve surface by particle size separation. It can be divided into a flat screen surface of reciprocating vibration or plane rotation and a cylindrical screen surface rotating around the shaft. According to the size of the sieve holes on the sieve surface relative to the grain size, there are two types of equipment: 1 sieve hole is slightly larger than the maximum diameter of the grain particles. Such as large sieve and Vibro Round Sieve. Its role is to pass grain and smaller impurities through the mesh, and large impurities are discharged as sieves. The large miscellaneous sieve feeds the grain onto the upper belt of the ring-shaped working mesh belt. During the movement, it passes through the sieve hole and falls onto the lower belt together with small impurities. Large and large impurities such as paper sheets, sack pieces, rope heads, Masonry mud, wood and long straw are removed as sieves, and some small impurities such as dust, sand, etc. are removed through the screen holes as the grain continues to flow through the fixed oblique screen at the exit. The grain is discharged from the machine after a strong suction treatment. The main component of the cylindrical sieve is a horizontal cylinder consisting of a punched sieve plate, a brush for cleaning the sieve hole, and a suction and dust removal device. Both devices are used for initial cleaning when the grain is in the warehouse.

2 The mesh size is smaller than the minimum grain diameter, such as reciprocating shaker, Plan Revolving Sieve and high speed vibrating screen. Small impurities in the grain particles can be removed through the sieve holes, and the grain is discharged as a sieve. They are used in the cleaning process after the grain is released and before processing. The cleaned grain is discharged as a sieve on the lowermost sieve. The reciprocating vibrating screen is driven by an eccentric shaft or a self-balanced vibrator, and is generally equipped with a three-layer screen surface. Large impurities are discharged on the upper sieve; large heterogeneous grains are discharged on the 2-layer sieve; small impurities are discharged through the 3-layer sieve holes. Grain intake and exit are subjected to suction treatment to remove light impurities. The screen body of the plane rotary screen is suspended by four sets of booms, and is driven by the balance wheel for plane rotary motion, and has two screen faces. After changing its structure and working parameters, it can also be used for the classification of broken rice in rice.

Plan Revolving Sieve

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