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Talking About Wheat Peeling Process

Oct. 22, 2018

The peeled wheat can increase the flour yield under the condition of short branching, and produce more high-quality flour. The so-called wheat peeling and milling, in the wheat cleaning stage through the peeling machinery, stripping the skin of the wheat and then milling, which simplifies the cleaning process and the milling process, can be described as two-fold. Especially for small flour processing equipment, the effect is twice the result with half the effort.

Everyone knows that wheat is one of the more difficult foods to process in all grains, which is caused by the special structure of wheat. Since the cells of the wheat husk are staggered, the cortex and the endosperm layer are tightly bonded together and are not easily peeled off. In addition, the grain has a deep ditch, and it is more difficult to peel off the skin. The grain of wheat is composed of cortex, embryo and endosperm, and the cortex can be divided into six layers, namely epidermis, exocarp, endocarp, seed coat, bead layer and aleurone layer.

The weight of the entire cortex is about 12.5-15.0% of the wheat grain. When grinding grade flour, the aleurone layer should not be ground, so the wheat peeling and milling process should be adopted. Flour Mill Manufacturer have developed a Wheat Scourer for the core separation process. This equipment greatly improves the wheat flour extraction rate, and the surface is bright and white, which is very popular among users.

wheat scourer

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