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Destoner Should Pay Attention To Maintenance

Jan. 03, 2019

The Air Recycling Destoner is an important cleaning equipment in the Flour Mill Manufacturer. At work, according to the difference of the specific gravity and suspension speed of wheat and impurities, the separation of wheat and shoulder stone, heavy wheat and light wheat is promoted by the action of upward airflow. Thereby achieving the purpose of grading heavy wheat and light wheat and removing stones and mud sand in wheat. Not only for grading, stone removal, but also for seed selection.

Due to the special purpose of the stone removing machine, it is very easy to be damaged during use. Once it is damaged, it will affect the processing effect of the flour machine. Therefore, it is very important to check and maintain the stone removing machine.

First of all, check the stone content of the original grain and the content of the material before use. If abnormalities are found, take corresponding measures. The stone screen, the damper door, the air inlet door, etc. in the stone machine should keep the airflow unobstructed. The screen hole is blocked and needs to be cleaned with a cleaning brush. Do not knock it to prevent the screen from being deformed and affect the final stone removal effect. When the sieve plate is worn out, it must be replaced in time.

Air Recycling Destoner

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