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The Details That Should Be Paid Attention To When Running The Destoner

Mar. 21, 2019

China is a big wheat producer. Flour processing and production is also an important part of our country's economic development. Flour processing equipment manufacturers are also increasing. We know more about the processing of wheat, because the small surface of the drying method often contains inorganic impurities such as sand, brick, cinder, mud, etc. Therefore, the processing of flour must inevitably use the stone machine. What are the details that should be paid attention to when running the stone machine? Today Flour Mill Manufacturer has summarized the following points.

1. Equipped with a separate wind network: the Air Recycling Destoner mainly relies on the action of the wind to classify the gravel and the wheat. The wind speed and the wind pressure in the stone machine directly affect the stone removal effect. Therefore, the stone removal machine must be equipped with a separate wind. Net, according to the requirements of the instructions for use, select the appropriate fan to ensure that it has a stable and sufficient air volume, wind pressure.

2, the surface wear of the screen surface: the screen surface is used for a long time, the braided corrugated flat, the stone is easy to slide on the screen surface, the jumping is difficult, the slope cannot be climbed and discharged, and it is easy to flow to the wheat outlet, which affects the stone removal effect. At this time, the stone screen surface must be replaced.

3. Whether there is any air leakage in the equipment link: the stone machine has soft connection on the inlet, outlet and air duct. Once the damage will cause the air volume and wind pressure in the machine to be unstable, and directly affect the stone removal effect, it must be timely Replace the soft connection.

4. Is there any impurity blocking the mesh: At present, most of the stone machine screens are woven screens. After long-term use, impurities such as nails and broken wires are embedded in the screen, blocking the mesh holes and affecting the stone removal effect. It is recommended to set a magnetic separation device above the inlet of the stone machine.

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