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What Should We Do In The Face Of Insufficient Lifting Of The Bucket Elevator?

Mar. 14, 2019

When using the Bucket Elevator for material transportation, some of the failures may cause the bucket elevator to reduce the amount of lifting, which directly affects the efficiency of conveying materials. To this end, we must find out the reasons for the reduction in the lifting capacity of the bucket elevator as soon as possible, and quickly find a solution to ensure the normal delivery of materials. Below, Xiao Bian talks in detail about how to increase the bucket lift.

After the bucket elevator works for a period of time, a certain degree of material adhesion will occur, causing blockage on the plate chain structure, which in turn affects the lifting speed. At this time, the residual material needs to be cleaned in time according to the material adhesion, and the traction mechanism is The speed of the plate chain device is adjusted to ensure that the bucket elevator has no mixing phenomenon when transporting materials, and the lifting speed is in line with the production requirements.

The design of the hopper structure of the bucket elevator makes the material not fully enter the hopper during the excavation process. The reduction of the feeding amount directly affects the lifting amount of the Vertical Bucket Elevator . Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable hopper structure to ensure that the hopper is full. Material operation, to meet the design requirements of the bucket elevator.

Other solutions for lifting bucket lifts that do not meet design capabilities:

(1) The material is bonded to the chain bucket and the slipper, and the material is periodically removed according to the degree of bonding.

(2) The capacity of the front machinery of the bucket elevator is insufficient, resulting in a small amount of material investment, so that the elevator cannot meet the design capability, and it is necessary to try to improve the production capacity of the front equipment.

(3) The lifting speed is slow, and the speed ratio of the drive sprocket needs to be changed.

(4) Improper material measurement method, or measurement error, check the meter, check the material weight, and re-correct the calculation method.

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