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Requirements For Operating Corn Processing Machinery In Winter

Jan. 09, 2019

When corn processing machinery produces corn products, the external temperature has a great influence on the operation state of Corn Flour Milling Equipment, especially in the colder winter temperatures, the metal toughness of corn processing machinery decreases, and the fluidity of lubricating oils also becomes more comparable. Poor, then in order to ensure the flexibility of the equipment and the quality of operation, what are the operational requirements for corn processing machinery in winter?

If the corn processing machine is produced outdoors, in cold weather, it should be turned on for five minutes before use to warm up the machine. Because the toughness of the metal will decrease during the winter, it can be restored to normal by preheating, which helps to increase the service life of the equipment. In addition, the equipment must also be operated under good lubrication conditions, otherwise the bearings will be damaged and the service life will be shortened. In order to ensure normal operation, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil and clean it regularly.

Finally, it is recommended that you try to process indoors in the winter, because the proper temperature can improve the working efficiency of the corn processing machinery, and timely clean up dust and debris, which can avoid the reaction with the equipment, causing corrosion of the parts and reducing the service life.

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