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The Motor Is The Focus Of Daily Maintenance Work On Corn Processing Equipment

Jan. 22, 2019

Motor maintenance is the focus of routine maintenance work on Corn Flour Milling Equipment. No matter the long-term use of any equipment, its running flexibility and processing efficiency will be reduced. In order to ensure the high-efficiency operation of the equipment and improve the processing quality, regular maintenance work must be done. For corn processing equipment, motor maintenance is a top priority.

The motor is the core component of the corn processing equipment. When the motor is being serviced, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance, especially in the annual overhaul, the motor is fully cured, the motor bearing is cleaned, refueled or replaced, and the insulation monitoring is performed. Improve the cooling system to ensure that the motor is running under normal conditions. Also pay attention to the quality of motor repair. During maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the various parameters meet the original machine skill requirements, strictly control the quality of the replacement parts and enameled wire, correctly operate the various processes, avoid various accidents caused by human factors, and ensure the normal operation of the Maize Dehuller.

When the motor is not working, check whether the anchor bolts are loose. If it is loose, it should be reinforced in time. In addition, during operation, it is also possible to judge whether there is an abnormality by the sound generated when the motor is moving. If there is abnormal sound, the corn processing equipment should be shut down immediately for maintenance.

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