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The two largest food producers in Europe

Jun. 25, 2019

The two largest food producers in Europe: one is Ukraine , and do you know another one?  following the Flour Milling Machinery Manufacturer would like to share something with you. 

As the saying goes, "food is the life of the people", this shows how important food is to the people of a country, although the economic base determines the superstructure, but if a person's food and clothing can not be solved, then how people have the energy and mind to create something else? So food for the development of a country, for a person's survival has a vital role, only eat enough to have the strength to work! So what are the biggest producers of food in Europe? Look at the two biggest producers of food in Europe. One is Ukraine. Known as Europe's breadbasket, Ukraine is one of Europe's largest grain producers. The latest figures show that Ukraine exported 38.2 million tons of grain from July 2017 to June 2018, including 17.1 million tons of corn, 16.6 million tons of wheat and 4.2 million tons of barley. Generally, only when a country's food meets the needs and development of its own population can it choose to export. Ukraine's food exports are so large that it can see how powerful its food production capacity is. In addition to food production are strong in Ukraine, Russia also to be reckoned with the strength of the food production, in Europe's biggest food production, Russia is one of the best power, from 2017 to 2018 in agricultural statistics, Russia's exports of 52 million tons of grain, wheat are the most common food exports, the world's largest wheat exporter is Russia. So Russia is also a big producer of food, and its people should have enough to eat.

Flour Milling Machinery

Ukraine and Russia, two European countries, not only produce a lot of food, but their tourism industry is doing well. Granary Ukraine also is rich in beauty, a lot of tourists go to Ukraine is not just for the sake of its beautiful scenery, also in order to meet Ukraine girl, lucky visitors can experience the native Ukraine not only in Ukraine and clean and beautiful scenery, may be able to meet the love of his life in the Ukraine, then travel and life important matter can be resolved. Russia, with its large land area, is a good place for tourists not to miss. There are many places of interest and natural scenery in Russia. Friendly russians may not be so enthusiastic, but they are very friendly to foreign tourists.

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