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How to tell if it is stone flour?

Apr. 03, 2019

Stone mill flour pure natural, good taste, nutrition, is very beneficial to human health. In recent years, many mechanical flour after the gradual disclosure of criticism, health care people began to miss the old stone flour, so stone flour came into being. As the production of stone flour is not high, his appearance also raises doubts: "is it true stone flour?" Can be identified by the following methods shared from Flour Mill Manufacturer.

1. Color: the whitest stone flour, color is slightly yellow, will never produce fluorescence. Some stone flour is slightly black, which is caused by different wheat varieties and over-drying during the grinding process. It contains a little more, which is more nutritious and does not affect the consumption. The color is slightly yellow

2. Taste: stone mill flour retained wheat germ, grinding without heat, made of wheat flour is very strong flavor. Mechanical flour is ground before removing the wheat germ, grinding heat produced in the flour raw, so processed into pasta taste very light. Stone flour after making pasta, strong, soft and not sticky teeth, the rest of the pasta will not stick to the teeth. No other flour processed pasta can do it.

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3.Frozen: steamed bread steamed and frozen, stone flour steamed bread heating heel of the same soft, face flavor, not sticky teeth. Steamed bread with mechanical flour will stick to the teeth after heating.

4. Package dumplings: with stone flour package dumplings, out of the pot after fishing into a large bowl, do not rock, until the cold through the dumplings are not sticky skin, but also a separate and not damaged. Even with the addition of the so - called high - grade dumpling powder gluten also simply can not do this.

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