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What Kind Of Process Does The Flour Mill Use To Grind Wheat Into Flour?

Mar. 15, 2019

What kind of process does the flour mill use to grind wheat into flour? This is to talk about the process of the flour machinery and the specific equipment used. Let Flour Mill Manufacturer take a look at the process of turning wheat into flour with Xiaobian.

What is the process of Flour Milling Complete-set Machines to turn wheat into flour? Flour is one of the foods people eat every day. The safety of flour is about people's health. The production of flour is a complicated process, and there are many processing steps involved, and there are many equipments involved. People have worked hard to produce high quality flour.

When processing wheat into flour, prepare the equipment and raw grain. Equipment should be checked for failures in advance to prevent accidents. Wheat raw grain is generally dried after drying, so that the flour extraction rate is higher. When milling, the skin grinding system, the powder cleaning system, the slag grinding system and the heart grinding system are required to undergo five steps of screening, washing, conveying, grinding and screening.

Cleaning is a part of flour processing. It mainly uses vibrating screen to screen out various impurities in the original grain, including various molds and worm particles, to ensure the cleanness of the original grain. On the one hand, the cleaning process is to ensure the hygiene of food, on the other hand, it is mainly to regulate the moisture and hardness of various parts of the wheat grain, which is beneficial to the later peeling. Grinding is the process of smashing wheat into powder. The milled mixed coarse powder is sieved to separate the flour and the wheat bran while extracting the germ.

The flour produced by the flour processing equipment should be graded. The more the flour is milled near the central portion of the flour, the higher the grade, and the lower the amount of flour that is ground out near the flour skin, the lower the grade. The grade of flour is also directly related to the content of minerals in the wheat husk and germ. The higher the mineral content, the lower the grade of flour. On the contrary, the lower the content, the higher the grade of flour.


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