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Notes for operation of flour processing equipment

Apr. 19, 2019

Notes for operation of flour processing equipment

Following shared by Flour Mill Manufacturer.

1. Wheat should be cleaned, water is suitable to meet the requirements of grinding, the size of water directly affect the yield, the rate of flour and flour whiteness, (water should be controlled in 15.5-17%), with experience or wheat moisture tester test, water should reduce the flow into the grinding.

2.  1 skin grinding material crushing, grinding effect, both the powder and core making, also cannot too fragile, according to the size of grinding wheat moisture, adjust tightness of flow and roller grinding roll (size), must not slant brake rollers, two roller should be parallel, spacing on both ends, (hand pick roller ends the following material are available, and sense of whether the material temperature) for rolling distance adjustment. The powder yield of 1 skin should be controlled at about 10%.

3.    2 leather to make a lot of core and flour, mill roll rolling distance to adjust appropriate, powder in 10-15%.

4.    The core powder of 1 and 2 skins goes into the first cone sieve to separate the flour and core. The sieve mesh is very important. It should be screened clearly and the core contains no flour.

5.    1 core grinding is critical to the flour yield and flour quality. 1 core sieve mesh 100 mesh.

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6.   2 core grinding powder 20% or so, 2 core sieve 110 mesh.

7.   The tightness of grinding rollers can be adjusted appropriately according to the requirements of the two powders. The cone screen is equipped with 90-110 mesh.

8.   Small suggestion: for the incoming processing of wheat should first weigh, grinding complete again flour and bran, do know quite well (clean wheat has wind consumption, dry wheat through equipment cleaning to rise, this is the profit).

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