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How To Reduce The Wear Rate Of The Flour Milling Machinery?

Mar. 06, 2019

How to avoid Flour Milling Machinery wear, in fact, these can be artificially controlled, as long as the use of reasonable methods, can reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the machine, laying a more solid foundation for future work. The situation of the grain and flour flour machine in production can be suppressed during normal maintenance. As long as you master the method, everything is not a problem.

Then, in order to solve the fatigue wear of the grain and flour flour machine, the following methods can be adopted:

1. Flour Milling Machinery Supplier should always pay attention to the cleaning of the machine. After each work, clean the machine in time, especially the grinding cavity, and clean it.

2, pay special attention to the motor of the flour machine, if there is a problem to be solved immediately, the motor is the core of the machine, as long as the motor has a problem, then the whole machine has a problem.

3, the mill in the work, can not be fed too fast, once too fast, then the grinding chamber can not keep up, there will be problems with no discharge, which will make the machine fatigue.

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