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What Factors Affect The Flour Extraction Rate Of The Flour Machine?

Mar. 06, 2019

The flour extraction rate at the time of production is a concern of every Flour Milling Machinery . What factors affect the flour extraction rate of the flour machine? How can we increase the flour extraction rate when the flour machine is produced? This is a fundamental factor in improving the economics of the flour mill!

The flour extraction rate of the flour machine directly affects the quality of the flour. The flour extraction rate is also related to the performance of the flour machine. The Vibro Round Sieve used to sieve the flour has a large and small pore size. Generally, the smaller the pore size, the sieved flour. The finer the powder, the lower the flour yield, but the quality of the flour is better.

The pasta made with good flour has good color, good taste and fine texture, but the taste is not necessarily good. I went to the bran and other impurities, leaving only pure flour, but removed some nutrients.

The flour produced by the flour machine does not necessarily have a high flour yield and high nutrition, because wheat bran also contains some nutrients, which is why the whole wheat flour is popular in recent years.

Vibro Round Sieve

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