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The Maintenance And Repair Of Flour Milling Machinery

Mar. 29, 2019

The management of Flour Milling Machinery inspection instrument is an important part of flour quality management, which will directly affect the normal quality work. All laboratory instruments should be documented. The corresponding position of each instrument should have corresponding working specifications and operating procedures and simple troubleshooting methods. Set up all equipment ledger, verify (calibrate) periodic table and plan, and set up special person to manage. Proper use and maintenance of equipment and instruments. The specific maintenance and operation points are as follows:

During routine maintenance and calibration, the factors that affect the test results, such as dust, temperature, humidity, vibration, noise and corrosion, should be paid close attention to and strictly controlled to reduce errors. Ensure that all instrument supplied from Flour Mill Manufacturer work surfaces are fixed, smooth and in line with operating requirements. All flour machine instruments should be cleaned and restored in time after use to ensure the smooth progress of the next experiment. Electrical equipment should be installed with a separate power switch in accordance with the rated power, and have a good grounding wire, the individual flour machinery should be equipped with a regulated power supply according to the requirements of the manual.

                            Flour Milling Machinery

Relevant personnel using the instrument shall study relevant laws, regulations and management systems, and all operators shall obtain professional qualification certificate or be trained to operate the instrument. For glass instrument management, should keep clean and dry, classified storage. The catharsis of vitreous instrument is very important, should make sure commonly clean bright do not hang water bead. In general, direct heating of glass instruments should be avoided. When heating is necessary, asbestos mesh should be used for slow and even heating to avoid damage to the apparatus, explosion and accident. Apply vaseline to the burette cock and tie a rubber band around the neck of the funnel to avoid slipping out. These can avoid the wear and tear of flour machinery, prolonging the life of machinery.

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