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[Flour mill for sale]How to clean the surface of the grinding roller of corn flour processing machine?

May. 18, 2019

How to clean the surface of the grinding roller of corn flour processing machine?

Flour Mill Manufacturer shares that equipment needs maintenance, that corn flour processing machinery grinding roller surface how to clean it?

When the grinding roller is working, the surface of the roller will adhere to some silty materials, the higher the moisture content of the material, the smaller the rolling distance, the more serious the adhesion. Especially for extrusion, grinding strong, poor shear effect of the light roller is so. In order to ensure the mechanical and technological properties of corn flour processing machinery, the cleaning device should be used to maintain the normal working state of the roller surface. At present, it is often used to clean the tooth roller and smooth roller surface with a brush against the tight roller surface under a certain pressure. The material that brush wool has palm, bristle, avian hair tube, nylon and horse connect careless root to wait, among them with avirulent, insipid ma lian careless root is best.

Flour Mill Manufacturer

In the early corn flour processing machinery, scraper is used to clean the smooth roller surface. Scraper is made of alloy steel plate. The contact line between scraper and grinding roller should be parallel to the axis of grinding roller. Due to the high technical requirements of manufacturing and operation adjustment, the scraper has been replaced by a brush.

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