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Main method of nondestructive testing of grain moisture

Jun. 03, 2019

Main method of nondestructive testing of grain moisture shared by Flour Milling Machinery Manufacturer.

(1) direct drying method

The direct drying method means that the samples to be tested are placed in the oven and kept at 130℃ for 19h according to the ASAE standard. The poor quality before and after the measurement is the moisture content.

(2) capacitance method

The capacitance method is based on the principle that the permittivity of water is much higher than that of other components in grain, and the change of water content will inevitably cause the change of capacitance.

(3) infrared heating and drying method

Infrared heating and drying method is to use infrared heating sample to make it lose water, so as to measure the moisture content. The main influencing factors are temperature and heating time. This method cannot be measured online.

(4) microwave heating method

Microwave heating method is to use the magnetron microwave oven produced by 2450MHz or 915MHz ultra-high frequency microwave rapid oscillation of water molecules in the grain, so that molecules collision and friction, and then remove the water in the grain.

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(5) ray method

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) was applied to the determination of grain moisture in 1964. Since different molecules have different characteristics of absorption of near-infrared light of different wavelengths, when the near-infrared light (wavelength: 1940nm) is used to illuminate the sample, the intensity of diffuse reflected light is related to the content of the sample composition, which obeys the lambert-beale law.

(6) microwave absorption method

Microwave absorption method began in the 1840s. It USES the absorption of microwave energy by water in grain or parameters such as microwave cavity resonance frequency and phase to measure water content indirectly with the change of water content.

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