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What are the main factors affecting the whiteness of flour?

Jun. 01, 2019

Flour Milling Machinery Manufacturer shares that there are many factors influencing flour whiteness, including wheat varieties, processing technology, additives, temperature and storage time, but the main factors affecting flour whiteness are as follows.

(1) storage temperature effect of flour.

For the same wheat and whitening agent, it takes different time to whiten the flour in winter and summer. This is mainly because the bleaching effect of benzoyl peroxide is related to the ambient temperature. Under the condition of adding 60mg BPO, the whitening reaction can be completed at 30℃ for 24h, while at 50℃. The whitening reaction was completed at 6h; In winter it takes 48h or more;

(2) influence of moisture content in flour.

The optimal water content of flour whitening agent is about 15%, especially for special one powder, special two powder whitening effect is the best. Too high or too low moisture content is not ideal for increasing whiteness of flour. When the moisture content of flour is high, benzoyl peroxide decomposes quickly, and the reactive oxygen species cannot fully participate in the reaction and overflow. When the moisture content is low, the flour is sold without the breakdown of benzoyl peroxide and thus cannot be fully whitened. Therefore, too much or too little flour moisture will affect the whitening effect of BPO.

Flour Milling Machinery Manufacturer

(3) influence of dispersion of BPO.

The dispersion of flour whitener is related to the inorganic salts used to dilute BPO. The better the dispersibility of the flour whitening agent, the easier it is to disperse evenly in the flour. At the same time, the dispersibility of the whitening agent has a great relationship with the fineness of the product. The higher the fineness, the better the dispersibility in the flour. The more even the distribution of whitening agent in the flour, the better whitening effect, or there will be "zebra crossing" phenomenon, seriously affect the quality, quality hidden dangers.

(4) the effect of flour thickness and whiteness on flour whiteness.

Flour particle size opposite the larger effect of powdery whiteness. According to the measurement of shading coefficient, the powder with fine grain size looks whiter than the coarse powder, especially the flour with added whitening agent, the flour with fine grain size looks whiter.

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