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Product features of stone flour mill

Jun. 29, 2019

Product features of stone flour mill:

Flour Milling Machinery Manufacturer shares that according to its own supporting equipment and processing capacity, it is usually divided into two categories:

Two major categories of stone mills:

Large stone flour mill: generally known as stone flour mill, mostly used in stone mill flour mill, the equipment covers an area of * capital requirements * maintenance difficulty * strong processing ability.

1, large area: a special workshop is needed to place the machinery, which is required for the height and foundation of the workshop. Generally, only flour mills can use this large stone flour mill.

2, high financial requirements: in addition to stone mill equipment, often equipped with a large number of auxiliary equipment, these equipment is expensive, the whole equipment funding requirements.

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3, difficult maintenance: the whole set of equipment is a production line, * node problems, will lead to the overall equipment shutdown, coupling degree is relatively high, the requirements for the operator is relatively high, difficult maintenance.

4, strong processing capacity: in addition to a large area, expensive capital, high maintenance difficulties, the * characteristics of large stone flour mill is high capacity, high degree of automation, which is also the reason why the mill spent a huge sum of money to introduce large equipment.

Generally speaking, flour belongs to an industry with low profit and high turnover. For Flour Milling Machinery Supplier who choose different production and processing equipment, for enterprises with different production scales, and for flour manufacturers, the profit size of a ton of flour is also different. Generally speaking, the larger the volume, the higher the profit margin.

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