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Do You Really Understand About Wheat?

Mar. 26, 2019

Wheat is an important crop in China. Everyone knows it, but do you really know about the nutrition and composition of wheat? The premise of researching production equipment is to have a sufficient understanding of the original grain. Today, the Wheat Flour Milling Equipment Manufacturer will get to know wheat together.

Whether China is in the South or the North, flour is the basic raw material for staple foods and an important source of human nutrients, but the consumption of northern flour is greater. Flour can be used not only to make a variety of staple foods, but also as a basic raw material for the production of various types of cakes. Due to the rich content of the three nutrients in the flour, long-term consumption can basically meet the needs of human life.

Distribution of nutrients in wheat grains

The chemical constituents of wheat grains mainly include starch, protein, cellulose, fat, minerals, vitamins and water.

1 starch.

Starch is the most important substance in wheat chemical composition, accounting for about 90% of wheat carbohydrates. Starch is concentrated in the endosperm, wheat husks and embryos are completely free of starch, and starch accounts for about 78% of the endosperm.

2 protein.

Mainly concentrated in the endosperm and aleurone layer.

3 cellulose.

The cellulose contained in wheat is mainly distributed in the cortex. The larger and more full the particles of wheat, the lower the cellulose content, and the higher the cellulose content of buckwheat.

4 fat.

Mainly distributed in the embryo and aleurone layer, especially the embryo part is the most, about 14%. The endosperm contains little fat, about 0.6%.

5 minerals.

Wheat grain contains mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and potassium, which are beneficial nutrients for the human body.

6 vitamins.

There is also a small amount of vitamins in wheat grains, mainly vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin A.

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