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Safe Operation Specification Of The Flour Stacking Machine

Jan. 24, 2019

The Flour Stacking Machine have strict operating specification.

1. Check before use: before use, carefully check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic circuit of the vehicle, whether the support wheels can work normally, whether there is any resistance to death. Open the electric door lock and check the universal meter on the instrument panel to see if the battery has electricity.

2. Handling: open the electric door lock, pull the machine to the vicinity of the cargo pile and press the down button. Adjust the height and insert it into the cargo chassis as slowly as possible. The button rises to the appropriate height of the shelf and then slowly moves the goods to the exact position of the shelf. Press the down button to carefully place the goods on the shelf and remove the vehicle.

3. Pick up: open the electric door lock, pull the vehicle to the shelf, press the ascending button to the appropriate position of the shelf, slowly insert the fork into the cargo chassis, move the vehicle off the shelf to the place where the goods need to be stacked, carefully lower the cargo and remove the vehicle.

4. Maintenance: just like the Flour Sand Blasting Machine, keeping the surface of the machine body clean, and carry out maintenance of machinery, hydraulics and electrical appliances once a month.

Flour Stacking Machine

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