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How to eat roughage most science?

Jul. 04, 2019

How to eat roughage most science? Shared by grains Balancer Supplier.

Scientific method of eating roughage 1: roughage should eat how much

It is well known that regular consumption of whole grains can reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. So many people, especially the elderly, often eat roughage, and some people eat two meals a day. In fact, this approach is not correct, so we should eat every day how much roughage is appropriate?

Expert clew: normal person everyday should eat certain amount of coarse food, but a day cannot exceed 3 two. The elderly and children should be halved.

It turned out that we could not eat more than three taels of coarse grain every day, and the elderly and children would have to eat only one and a half per day. But we all know that elderly people who eat roughage can reduce the risk of three high, so why elderly people eat roughage only one half?

Expert interview: because roughage contains rich dietary fiber, and the elderly and children because of weak gastrointestinal function, eating too much roughage will easily lead to gastric distension and gastric acid.

In addition, because the roughage contains more cellulose and phytic acid, the daily intake of cellulose more than 50 grams, and long-term consumption, will make the protein supplement blocked, fat utilization rate reduced, resulting in bone, heart, blood and other organs damage, reduce the immune capacity of the human body, and even affect the fertility. If we just blindly eat roughage, easy to cause nutrient absorption imbalance, resulting in a lack of nutrition. So, whole grains can be eaten every day, but the amount must be controlled. In addition, the phytic acid content in buckwheat, oat, corn is higher, can block the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, affect the metabolic balance of mineral in intestines. Therefore, when eating coarse grains should increase the intake of these minerals.

Scientific method of eating roughage 2: the time that eats roughage

Eat roughage food to have exquisite not only in quantity, and the time that eat also has regulation actually.

Expert clew: roughage had better be edible in dinner. Because the human body can better use the dietary fiber in coarse grains to eliminate the garbage in the body, reduce blood fat.

The expert tells us, the dietary fiber in roughage can stimulate bowel wall to produce wriggles, make defecate faster outside the body, eat dietary fiber in the evening so, can better help us defecate in the next morning, this reduced toxin to the poison of bowel wall. In addition, eating roughage is easy to produce satiety, so eating at night can reduce the amount of food, thus avoiding the harm of eating too much at night.

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Method of eating roughage scientifically 3: when eating roughage, should drink more water

We eat roughage when not only to pay attention to how much to eat, eat the time, but also pay attention to collocation. In addition to paying attention to the principle of matching the thickness, but also pay attention to eating roughage when drinking more water.

Expert clew: because the prandial fiber in coarse grain needs to have sufficient moisture to do backing, ability ensures the normal job of bowel.

So when you eat roughage, common eat some plain water or boil some gruel to match to eat, so more help excretion.

Roughage scientific eating method four: the most reasonable combination of thickness

Currently, the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations has issued guidelines for fiber foods, which recommend that healthy people should have 30-50 grams of fiber in their regular diet. Research found that 6 points coarse grains, 4 points refined grains in the diet is the most appropriate. So, thin grain collocation to eat the most reasonable.

Expert clew: eat roughage to answer exquisite method. Nutritionally speaking, eating corn, millet and soybean alone is not as nutritious as mixing them in a ratio of 1:1:2, because it can make protein play a complementary role. In our daily life, we often eat laba porridge, eight treasure porridge, mixed vegetables, etc., are very good rouzhou mixed food.

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